How to Avoid 5 Common Seller Mistakes

How to Avoid 5 Common Seller Mistakes

  • The Jon Modene Team
  • 10/11/21

Here are the five most common mistakes sellers should avoid.

Today I want to go over common seller mistakes in our current market. It’s true that we’re still in a seller’s market, but that doesn’t mean sellers can do whatever they want. Here are the top five seller mistakes to avoid:

1. Overpricing. This is the most common, most dangerous, and easiest mistake to make. The market is great, and your home is special, but overpricing is still an issue. If you overprice your home, fewer buyers will look at it, and it might not appraise. The market is so hot that if buyers see an overpriced home, they won’t even try to negotiate; they’ll just move on. You can get a great deal for your home, but you have to be reasonable about it.

2. Magical thinking. In real estate, this means you’re not closing glaring issues with your property. If you live next to an EPA site or your basement walls are caving in, people will find out eventually. If you are upfront with your issues, buyers will appreciate it, and you can still get a great deal. Pretending that buyers won’t notice your home’s flaws is a big mistake. 

“If you avoid these mistakes and hire the right agent, you can still get a great deal for your home. ”

3. Putting your home on the market before it’s ready. Our market is hot, but not hot enough for you to get away with leaving your junk all over the house. Also, if you have some easy updates that can greatly improve your presentation, do them! Clean your home, declutter, and make sure your home doesn’t smell like your pets. 

4. Your home can’t be financed. This one is simple. If your home isn’t conforming with Ohio law or financing conditions, you won’t be able to accept a financed offer. Maybe someone will be able to buy your home, but you probably won’t like the price. 

5. Hiring an inexperienced agent. This boom market has created a lot of bad real estate habits. Some agents think these mistakes aren’t important. They take iPhone photos of your house, throw it on the internet, and sit back. After all, someone will buy it, right? Maybe, but you certainly won’t be getting top dollar for your home. Don’t hire an agent who sells three homes a year when they have the free time. Hire an expert. 

If you avoid these mistakes and hire the right agent, you can still get a great deal for your home. If you are looking for an experienced agent, please reach out to me at 419-466-SOLD or [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you.


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